Streitlöser, nicht nur für die Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft

Welcome to German Resolver

This is a independent German construction management consultancy providing professional services subject to:
  • Strategic advise in context of complex procurement
As part of the feasibility study (due diligence), the type of project implementation is also examined when the business case is drawn up and the associated risks are examined.

The following services are offered in this context:
  • Determination of planning, manufacturing and installation sequences.
  • Assessment of overlaps between individual project phases (e.g. planning progress vs. time frame for procurement vs. production, logistics and installation)
  • Risk and impact assessment (e.g. changes in the scope of services for individual trades)
  • Advice on the selection of suitable procurement models
  • Consulting for alliance and multi-party contracts
Project alliances or multi-party contracts are a non-type of contract (sui generis) because the client, planner and construction contractor in a joint contract oblige them to implement a construction project. The interests of the individual parties take a back seat to the project goal. Such agreements are increasingly used for complex construction projects where the scope of services can change significantly in the course of planning. These contracts are tailored to the needs of the individual case. The risks are managed jointly by the contracting parties. In the end, the successes benefit everyone involved.

With this background, the following consulting services are offered in the preparatory phase (until the financing is completed):
  • Participation in determining the target costs and risk budgets
  • Identification and selection of contract partners
  • Drafting contracts
  • Technical support for insurance issues.
For the execution phase, consulting services are offered on the following topics:
  • Independent and neutral contact for changes in the scope of delivery and services
  • De-escalating conflict management, internal mediation
  • If provided by contract: neutral assessment of financial changes
The following services are offered to implement the procurement strategy:
  • Implementation of inquiry and selection processes
  • Contract negotiations, preparation and execution of contract negotiations up to signature maturity
  • Communications in the execution phase
  • Update contracts based on subsequent changes
  • Reporting and documentation
  • De-escalating conflict management
  • Contract and claim management in execution phase
  • Interim and crisis management
There are emergencies in which a project manager has to be replaced at short notice. Mr. Till Groß is available for the following situations:
  • Temporary bridging in the event of illness
  • Change of representative in deadlocked negotiations
  • Compliance - Suspected procurement
  • Relieving tensions within the project team
For that purpose, a fixed term relocation to English speaking countries is visible.
  • Expert statements
Expert opinions will be requested as party opinions in the context of early, neutral evaluation (ENE) or on request in alternative dispute resolution procedures on the following topics:
  • Contract analysis of German or English language agreements
  • Assessment of supplementary claims
  • Evaluation of demands to extend the construction period
  • Assessment of contributory negligence (concurrency)
  • Dispute resolution appointee
Mr. Till Groß is confirmed on the common dispute resolution list of the Streitlösungsordnung für das Bauwesen, SL Bau (English: Procedural regulations for alternative dispute resolution in German construction industry) for the following dispute resolution procedures:
On request of the parties, he is also willing to act as sole arbitrator.

In addition, an assignment as an evaluative mediator is possible.

The specialist focus is on the following areas:
  • Legal systems: Germany, Great Britain, MENA region
  • Offshore wind including sea fright/carriage of goods by sea
  • Power plant construction including renewable energies
  • Plant engineering (oil & gas downstream)
  • General civil engineering and civil engineering
For further Information are provided on the German version of the homepage.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Till Gross (MCIArb, MRICS)

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